Woof Manager

Bulk audio manipulation for your podcast

Tool for managing ads on your own or to promote
your in-house products in your episode back catalog



Upload ads and attach them to existing episodes.
Preroll, midroll, postroll - we cover them all.


Woof Manager is a tool to insert ads or audio into episodes

  • Compatible with all hosting providers
  • Ads can be injected into all or specific episodes
  • Replacing an ad later is as simple as uploading new audio file

How to setup

Setup can be completed in a couple of minutes via enclosure prefix

  • Register on AdBarker
  • Give us you RSS URL
  • We generate unique enclosure prefix which should be forwarded to your hosting provider

Use cases

Is your podcast a part of a greater strategy to promote your business?

  • Promote your product
  • Promote books
  • Promote conferences
  • Announcements
  • Job offers

Quick Demo

Let's attach some pre-roll ads to few episodes ...
... and then also add some mid-roll ads on a specific show.

Looks cool?

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Save yourself days of work required to manage ads manually in older episodes



  • Free 15 days trial
  • Unlimited dynamic insertions
  • 500MB of ads and episode storage
  • Single Podcast
  • $10 for additional 200MB of storage

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